Casting the Wheel of Time: Ishamael

In Narg's first two castings, Thom and Moiraine, Narg mentioned that it was important to have some established "mentor" actors for the unknown cast of two Rivers folk to play off as well as being a draw cards. Narg realized during his season one posts that there needs to be a third established actor. Rand's Dream scenes will play an important part in the first season and who plays Ishamael will be a key to how successful those scenes are. The actor needs to pull off intensity and madness without being comical.

Appearance(Tar Valon Library):
Ishamael was not as tall as Lews Therin Telamon. He appeared to be in his prime and was handsome. Ishamael had black eyes, and black hair. Over time, his image changed. His mouth and eyes became caverns of flame.

Appearance wise, Narg thinks that black eyes are rather expressionless and don't really show intensity, so that needs to change. "In his prime", Narg would say that is really in the eye of the beholder and Narg would prefer an older more distinguished looking man that looks commanding and experienced.

So that brings you to Narg's choice:

Billy Zane

Narg is kidding! Haha!

Narg's real pick is:

Sean Bean

Narg no kidding this time. That first photo has Ishamael written all over it. The second photo shows his intense eyes and the third that he can show experience and command...all INO of course. His name alone is a big drawcard and will get eyes on screens. Some my revolt at the idea of having a Game of Thrones alumni cast in Wheel of Time, but c'mon it's been six years. He can play a role in another fantasy saga, it's not like he's the lead role and casting him shouldn't blow out the budget much as he only has a few scenes in each of the first three books.

Another bonus is the commonly held belief that Sean Bean always dies horribly. Well bugger me, he'll get to die three times in The Wheel of Time! He'll be burnt alive at the end of season one and run through with a sword twice(Falme and Tear) assuming they stay true to the books. Some people will just watch to see how he dies!

Also the Trolloc Bureau of Statistics informs Narg that since 2001 there have been four Major Epic Fantasies adapted, Lord of the Rings, Legend of the Seeker, Game of Thrones and The Shannara Chronicles. Only the two featuring Sean Bean have been hits. So if you want WoT to be a hit, Bean must have a role! Stats don't lie!

In all seriousness though Narg thinks he can pull of the intensity and madness that Ishamael will require as well as being a major drawcard.

Not convinced? Tell Narg why he's wrong!

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