The Wheel of Time TV Series Season One, Part II(Narg's Version)

Narg makes another Amateurish attempt to show how the first season of 'The Wheel of Time" could look. You can see part one here. Remember Narg is using "scene" loosely....

Episode 6:

Chapters 20-30

Scene 1: 
Sunrise creeping across the River Arinelle found its way into the hollow not far from the  riverbank where Nynaeve sat with her back against the trunk of a young oak, breathing the deep breath of sleep. Her horse slept too. head down and legs spraddled in the manner of horses. The reins were wrapped around her wrist. As sunlight fell on the horse's eyelids, the animal opened its eyes and raised its head, jerking the reins. Nynaeve came awake with a start.

Nynaeve wakes up, tells herself off for falling asleep, has flashback of Trollocs finding her and leaving her alone to chase after the boys. Tries to find the others, smells wood smoke and creeps up on Lan and Moiraine's camp and listens in on the conversation. Moiraine senses her, Lan has kittens again, Moiraine explains to Nynaeve that she can channel and about the sickness/reactions that wilders have when using the One Power the first few times. She also explains about the coins and being able to track the boys.

Scene 2: Perrin wandering along the riverbank finds Egwene and Bela by their camp fire. They decide to head inland and cut straight across to Caemlyn.

Scene 3: Egwene and Perrin find Elyas's camp, have a chat about wolves and telling lies. Elyas says he'll travel with them.

Scene 4:  Perrin and co find the Tinkers camp. Egwene makes eyes at Aram.

Scene 5:  Perrin, Elyas and tinkers talk about violence and the Way of the Leaf. Dancing girls. Aiel story about blinding the Eye of the World.(the book has them traveling several days with the Tinkers, so this is probably multiple small scenes)

Scene 6: We see a Ba'alzamon dream from Perrin's PoV for the first time.

Scene 7:  Bye bye Tinkers, bit of travel, they spot the Ravens, see the fox get killed, Perrin has his moment considering killing Egwene, flight to the Stedding.

Scene 8: Perrin and Elyas have a chat about killing while setting up camp, wolves send warning about men approaching, Elyas tells them to hide.

Scene 9:  Whitecloaks find Perrin and Egwene, Hopper dies, Perrin goes berserk and gets knocked out.

End: Perrin wakes up, Bornhald questions them, ends with "For you, I fear, a gibbet waits in Amador."

Notes: The Nynaeve Moiraine chat gives us the clues to explain Rand occasionally acting funny/being sick, plus another step in the LanNynaeve love story. We learn Perrin can talk to wolves.
Narg has deviated from the chapter structure of the books for this episode so that it focus's on developing Perrin.

Episode 7:

Chapters 20-32

We time warp back to where Ep5 finished.

Scene 1: Rand, Mat and Thom negotiate their passage down to Whitebridge with Doman.

Scene 2: Dream sequence, Rand in a maze, Ba'alzamon tells Rand The Eye of the World won't serve him.

Scene 3: Mat and Rand learning Juggling and Rand practicing the Flute, Thom talks of mutiny performs for the crew.

Scene 4: Sailing past the Tower of Ghenjei, Doman chats with them about wonders from previous ages, Mat mutters about Doman wanting to keep treasure for himself.

Scene 5: Rand climbing the Mast, acting funny, discovering Mat has the Dagger.

Scene 6: Arrival at Whitebridge, heading to the Inn.

Scene 7:  They find out someone has been looking for them, go to leave, Thom tell the boys why he's helping them, Fade confronts them, Thom shouts run! 

Scene 8: Mat and Rand travelling along the Caemlyn road, sleeping rough hiding from horsemen, Rand suggests they sell the Dagger, Mat gets angry.

Scene 9: Doing Farm chores for food and a place to sleep, Mat acting paranoid, getting told to leave.

Scene 10: They stop at the Grinwell farm, Else makes Eyes at Rand, Rand plays the flute like his life depends on it.

Scene 11: They arrive at Four Kings, perform at The Dancing Cartmen for food and board under the watchful gaze of the skinny Innkeeper Hake and Dark Friend Gode. 

End: Get shown to their room, Gode confronts them, Rand really needs a way out, Lightning strikes the window bars. Mat and Rand escape.

Notes:We get the second reference to The Eye of the World. Thom/Hugh Laurie gets the rest of the season off. We see the effect of the Dagger on Mat, Rand gets lucky again(not with Else).

Episode 8:

Chapters 28-38

Scene 1: Nynaeve, Lan and Moiraine riding to Whitebridge chatting, Lan tells Nynaeve she should go home.

Scene 2: They arrive at Whitebridge to see some burnt down buildings, learn what happened, Moiraine decides to go after the boy(Perrin) who still has his Coin.

Scene 3: They track Perrin  to the White Cloaks, Lan entrusts Nynaeve to cut the Whitecloak's Horse lines, she Rescues Bela as all hell breaks loose!

Scene 4: Byar tries to tempt Perrin into escaping, Wolves send message of help coming, Lan goes ninja on guards and Byar.

Scene 5: They escape the Whitecloak camp with help from Moiraine providing a distraction. Lan learns Nynaeve hasn't returned, is about to head back to find her, Moiraine reminds him of his Oaths. Nynaeve arrives and has a "moment" with Lan.

Scene 6: Nynaeve heals Perrin, notices his irises have gone Yellow. Moiraine make cryptic comment about it.

Scene 7: Lan and Perrin chat about talking to wolves, ends with Lan saying they better find the other two boys or all may be lost.

Scene 8: Rand and Mat traveling in Hyam Kinch's wagon. Rand feeling sick but recovering, Mat half blind from the lightning strike with scarf covering his eyes.. Cue flashback(hopefully less confusing than in the book)

Scene 9: Rand leading a blind Mat stumbling down the road away from Four Kings with the storm still raging, finding a hedge to sleep in. They fall asleep shivering.

Scene 10: Dream sequence with Ba'alzamon killing Gode. Rand wakes up Mat from his Dream. Rand comforts him as he cries.

Scene 11: Alpert Mull gives them a lift and the scarves they be wearing in Scene 8.

Scene 12: Mat and Rand ponder spending another night sleeping rough, decide to try a Inn again, Rand starts getting sick, Mat strikes a bargain with Inn Keeper to allow them to stay in the Barn until Rand recovers.

End: Rand having fever dreams, delusional, Women Darkfriend tries to kill Mat, Rand convinces Mat not to kill her, They stumble away from the village, Rand collapses,  Hyam Kinch gives them a lift saying next stop Caemlyn and the False Dragon.

Notes: We see Lan clearly having feelings for Nynaeve, learn some more about the wolves, Start trimming out minor details. The biggest scene cut here was the incident in Market Sheran with Patir. Cutting that has little flow on effect for later in the series as he only appears again in the Morgase/Whitecloak plot and Narg thinks that story will be cut if the series makes it past 3 seasons.

Episode 9:

Chapters 35-41

Scene 1: Rand and mat arrive at Caemlyn, have a gawk at the big city, Rand get his sword wrapped, they head to the Queens Blessing.

Scene 2: They introduce themselves to Master Gill as Thom's friends, Gill tells them about Thom being a Master Bard and his troubles with the Queen.

Scene 3: Mat heads upstairs to bed clutching the dagger, Rand goes to the Library and meets Loial, gets an info dumb about Ogier, Loial confuses Rand with an Aielman, Rand has a brain fart and tells everything to Loial, Ta'veren gets mentioned.

Scene 4: Rand tries to get Mat to go see the False Dragon with him, Mat acting paranoid refuses, Rand heads downstairs and learns that a mad beggar has been looking for Him, Mat and Perrin. Rand heads out.

Scene 5: Rand walking around trying to find a good vantage point to see the False Dragon's Procession. Finds a spot has to give it up when the mad beggar finds him. Climbs the infamous Palace garden wall.

Scene 6: Rand Watching Logain laugh and the Aes Sedai and Warders guarding him, ponders out loud why all the Aes Sedai were watching Logain, Elayne pipes up with "to stop him from touching the True Source, silly.", Rand falls of wall, blacks out.

Scene 7: Wakes up, see Elayne and Gawyn climbing down tree, notices how there dressed, tries to leave, Elayne tends to Rand's cut while chatting with Gawyn about their mother, Rand has a light bulb moment realizing their mother is the Queen. Galad finds them(Female audience swoons, Male audience either turns gay or says pfft he's not that good looking)

Scene 8: Rand gets escorted to see the Queen thanks to Galad always doing the right thing.

Scene 9: Audience with Queen Morgase, Elaida's fortelling, Morgase letting Rand go.

Scene 10: Elayne and Gawyn escort round to the gates, Elayne tells Rand she thinks he's handsome,  Rand asks why everyone seems surprised when he say's he's from The Two Rivers, Gawyn explains he looks like an Aeilman. Rand heads back to the Inn.

Scene 11: Back at the Inn he tells Master Gill and Loial what happened, Gill says he's got to go before Elaida finds him, Moiraine and Gang arrive, hugs.

End: Rand takes them upstairs to see Mat, Mat says nasty stuff, Moiraine sees Mat tells everyone to get away from him, Mat tries to slash her with Dagger, Lan stops him. Moiraine explains about the taint from Shadar Logoth, hopes for the light of the world that it's not to late to save Mat.

Notes: Mat and the Dagger questions get answered, Randy meets the 2nd of his gals, Learns that he's the main character, Ta'veren concept gets introduced and that Rand looks like an Aielman.

Episode 10:

Chapters 42-52!

Scene 1: Rand and the Gang in the Inn's library chatting, Moiraine and Mat come down, hugs, Loial mentions the story of a man visiting his stedding talking about the blinding the Eye, Perrin pipes up about hearing the same thing from the Tinkers and then mentions the Dreams all three boys are having. The boys tell Moiraine everything.

Scene 2: Moiraine says bugger it, Tar Valon is out, straight to the Blight we must go! Moiraine tells Loial that they need to use the Ways. Loial says we'll all die! Explanation ensues. Loial caves.

Scene 3: Everyone goes to bed, cue dream sequence with the three figurines(of the boys), Rand denying Ba'alzamon, Bal'alzamon saying this has all happened before, Rand gets a splinter.

Scene 4: Into the Ways, travelling in the Dark, chit chat about what Min saw, Egwene showing some jealousy, Perrin reminding her of Aram. Encountering Trolloc bodies, Ah so that's how they got to the Two Rivers!

Scene 5: Rand hears Wind, Loial freaks out Machin Shin! Run!!!! Freaky muttering wind chases them out, Moiraine bust them out.

Scene 6: Short trip to Fal Dara, Perrin shows of his eyesight, Loial explains about how to find the Green Man.

Scene 7: Arrival at Fal Dara, everyone's packing up to flee from Trolloc Army, Goldern Crane gets mentioned, Fain turn up to spoil dinner.

Scene 8: While waiting for Moiraine to get back from dealinjg with Fain, Agelamar spills the beans on Lan, Nynaeve pretend not to listen. Moiraine returns and tells them Fains story.

Scene 9: Into the Blight, camp at Malkier, Lan and Nynaeve have chat.

Scene 10: The blight attacks they ride hard, a Worm coughs and Rand really needs to get somewhere. They find the Eye.

Scene 11: Green Man greets them, The head to the Eye, Two creepy dead looking guys confront them, Land gets tossed, Nynaeve attacks, gets man handled, Perrin and Mat try to go to her aid while Rand jumps on Egwene. Green Man takes out one Forsaken, Moiraine fails to take out the other one, Rand runs.

Scene 12: Aginor Finds Rand, Rand noticed big pulsing chord, Reaches for it, Aginor bursts into flame. A Gateway opens into darkness, Rand steps through and climbs stairs hanging in blackness, Comes to the chamber seen in his dreams, has a chat with Ba'alzamon, gets angry about his mom being tortured, smites the fades with fiery one power sword, then melts Ba'alzamon, blacks out.

End: Rand wakes up, finds Egwene, Nynaeve and Moiraine tells them what happened. Lan and the others return with Horn, Seal and Dragon Banner. Moiraine unfurls the Banner explains what it is. Moirane looks at Rand and says "We have done what we came here to do. from here you may live your life as the pattern weaves. Eat, then sleep Rand al'Thor. Sleep and dream of home."

Notes: Major cut here is Rand not appearing at the gap to smite the Trolloc Army. Saves a tonne of money as doing it right would cost to much and doing it cheaply would make it look crap(better to save money for Battle at Falme). In season 2 when they return to Fal Dara(EotW Ch53), Agelmar can say something along the lines of the Trollocs being about to overrun  them when suddenly all the Fades burst into flames(ties into Rand smiting Fades in Dream World) and the Trollocs fled.

Bugger Narg! The second half of the season was bloody hard. The whole flash back part did Narg's head in and Narg not sure if putting all of Perrin's chapters together and messing with Jordan's structure is the right thing. Episode 10 might not fit into a 55 minute episode as is and may need to be 60-70 minutes long, more if you add the final chapter in to have the season finish with Moiraine listening in on Rand and ending with her whispering to herself "The Dragon is Reborn!".

Narg apologizes in advance for speeling mistakes and such.

As always....Thoughts? Queries? Criticisms? Better ideas? Don't be shy! Comment here or where ever this is linked from!

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