The Wheel of Time TV Series Season One (Narg's Version)

Narg is currently betting/hoping on the Wheel of Time TV Series being a co production between Sony and Amazon, so season one is split into ten 45-55 minute episodes, which seems to be the norm for Amazon originals. Please note, Narg is using "scene" loosely...

Episode 1 

Chapters 1-5

Scene 1: (Voice over) " The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legends fade to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the third age by some, an Age yet to come, an age long pass, a wind rose in the Mountains of Mist. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings or endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning."

Rand, Tam and Bela heading towards Emond's Field and Rand sighting Fade.

Scene 2: Entering village, chitchat with Wit Congar in regards to Nynaeve, then meeting Bran and Cenn.

Scene 3: Mat pops up chats with Rand about seeing the fade as they carry in the casks, Ewin makes an appearance and talks about Lan and Moiraine.

Scene 4: They finish up head out side and see the Raven and meet Moiraine and receive their coins.

Scene 5: Padan Fain arrives, Crowd gathers to here his news, Perrin appears, Villages hear about War and the False Dragon and get worried, Village Council takes Fain into the Inn.

Scene 6: The boys sit outside the Inn chatting about the news, Nynaeve and Egwene arrive before heading into the Inn.

Scene 7: Thom comes out of the Inn and chats with the boys, a crowd gathers again to see the Gleeman, Thom cuts short his spiel as Moiraine arrives and Thom recognizes her. Thom makes a hasty exit as village council comes out.

Scene 8: Tam tells the boys what was discussed and the watch being set up, Rand and Tam head back to the farm and mentions other boys saw the black rider.

Scene 9:  Rand gets his shirt off to chop some wood, Tam gets his sword down from upstairs, Trollocs burst through the door, Tam shouts run!

Scene 10: Rands escapes outside, Tam bursts through window leads Trollocs away, Rand heads into the woods.

End: Rand being grabbed from behind and hand clamping over his mouth.

Notes: There is quite a bit of history and set up in those first five chapters, enough to get people interested in the world and it ends with action and drama.

Episode 2

Chapters 5-9

Scene 1: Rand struggles with Tam, Tam tells him about Trollocs, Rand see's Tam is injured.

Scene 2: Rand heads back to the farmhouse to get cart and Bela to carry Tam, meets Narg!

Scene 3: The trip through the Westwood dragging Tam and listening to Tam's mutterings about finding a baby, Encounter with Fade and Trollocs on the road.

Scene 4: Arrival at Emond's Field to see it has been attacked, Nynaeve telling Rand there is nothing he can do for Tam. Heads towards the Inn to speak with the Mayor.

Scene 5: Rand learns that Moiraine is an Aes Sedai and her part in defending the town and that she may be able to heal Tam.

Scene 6: Rand finds Lan and Moiraine, asks Moiraine to heal Tam.

Scene 7: Moiraine inspects and heals Tam while Rand chats with Lan about his sword, trollocs and Fades. Moiraine tells Rand he must leave with Mat and Perrin.

Scene 8: Rand checks Moiraine's story with Bran and Mistress al' Vere, falls asleep.

Scene 9: Rand has first Dream/Nightmare sequence. Running from something unseen, being forced towards the White Tower, Fade welcoming him. Rand jerks awake.

Scene 10: Rand wakes up, Tells Tam what Moiraine said and gets advice. Land pokes head in saying there's trouble and it's time to go.

End: Rand and company look out side to see angry crowd of men confronting Moiraine telling her to go or they'll burn her out.

Notes: Rand starts to question his paternity, learns that the DO is after him, Mat and Perrin.

Episode 3

Chapters 9-13

Scene 1:  Angry crowd, The Mayor steps in to shame them, then Moiraine gets fed up and twirls her staff with white flame shooting out of it. Moiraine tells the story of Manetheren. The boys and Lan head to the barn.

Scene 2:  Rand and the boys talk about their weapons, Moiraine confronts Rand for telling Tam he was leaving, Egwene barges in, Thom makes Lan have kittens. They ride out of town, Rand sees the Draghkar fly across the moon.

Scene 3: While galloping along Rand urges Bela not to fall back and tells her to RUN!

Scene 4: They stop just outside Watch Hill, Moiraine moves among the horses refreshing them, comments that Bela seemed the least tired of all of them. Dragkhar Screams, they ride on, Moiraine creates fog to hide them.

Scene 5: They arrive at Taren Ferry, kick Hightower out of his bed to rouse his ferry crew. Head down to the docks.

Scene 6: Cross the Taren, Ferry comes loose and breaks up, They head to camp site.

Scene 7: Rand eaves drops on Moiraine and Egwene talking about the power. Egwene tells Rand she's going to be an Aes Sedai!

Scene 8: Rand looking glum as Moiraine moves among them washing away their fatigue, the boys talk about being back home in a month or two, Eqwene says BOYS and lectures them about adventures. They fall asleep.

Scene 9: Traveling to Baerlon, Weapons leason, Flame and the Void , More traveling, Rand confronting Egwene about becoming a Aes Sedai. Moiraine catches the boys talking about running off to Illian and threaten to destroy them before letting the DO get them.

Scene 10: Rand sneaks out of camp to eaves drop on Egwene and Moiraine. Learns more about the Power and that someone else other than Egwene from Emond's field could learn to channel.

End: Moiraine looking directly at Rand's hiding spot.

Notes: We see Moiraine first use of the OP onscreen, a clue about Rand gets dropped, we learn Moiraine and Lan may have a darker side and we learn about the OP and men channeling.

Episode 4:

Chapters 13-17

Scene 1: Arrival at Baerlon, Gateman tells them about Whitecloaks being in town and we get the first mention of the Karaethon Cycle.

Scene 2: Arrival at the Stag and Loin, the boys have a bath and chat, Lan gets grumpy.

Scene 3: Rand see's Moiraine talking to Min as he heads to dinner. Lan tells what he's information he has gathered.

Scene 4: Rand in bed sleeping 2nd dream sequence, meets Ba'alzamon, gets a history lesson and a back ache. Wakes up.

Scene 5: Heads down stairs, learns about the dead rats, Talks with Perrin about the Dream.

Scene 6: Heads outside to see the city, chats with Min. Runs off with Min laughing at him.

Scene 7: Wanders around city feeling funny, spots Fain, talks with him, fain takes of Rand runs into Mat.

Scene 8: Confrontation with Whitecloaks, Rand acting funny.

Scene 9: They meet up with Thom and tell him about the dream. Learn about false Dragons and The Eye of the World. Perrin finds them and tells them Nynaeve is at the Inn.

Scene 10: Min tells Rand that Nynaeve is part of it, Rand and co walk into find Nynaeve and Moiraine having a staring competition. Rand tells Nynaeve they cant go back argument ensues.

Scene 11: Rand and Nynaeve have a private chat about being born outside the Two Rivers.

Scene 12: Listening to Thom tell stories/sing and Dancing in the Common Room, Whitecloak spy.

End: Everyone heading off to bed, Rand encountering Fade in hallway, ends with Fade swinging sword at Rand.

Notes: We learn about prophecy, False Dragons, Mins viewings, Another clue about Rand and the start of the Lan and Nynaeve  love angle.

Episode 5:

Chapters 17-20

Scene 1: Fade spares Rand's life, disappears into the shadows as Lan arrives. They leave the Inn.

Scene 2: Confrontation with the younger Bornhald at the Town Gate, Moiraine puts on a show.

Scene 3: The party looking back to see the fire glow above Baerlon in the distance. Chat about the three boys and not letting the DO have them.

Scene 4: Nynaeve helping Moiraine by making her herbal drink, Trolloc horns sound, Lan going off to scout with Moiraine dropping "The light go with you, last Lord of the Seven towers" as he rides off.

Scene 5: Lan returns telling them they are being herded, they head cross country for Shadar Logoth.

Scene 6: They run into the group of Trollocs and charge them shouting their battle cries, Moiraine and Lan whoop arse! Lan kills Fade, Trollocs die.

Scene 7: More Fades and Trollocs appear coming towards them, Moiraine uses Angreal to cause eathquake and wall of flame then collapses. They ride like hell.

Scene 8: They talk about the battle and their battle cries, horns sound again, Moiraine does her wind and scent trick to mislead trollocs.

Scene 9: They arrive at Shadar Logoth,, make camp.

Scene 10: Boys wander off and encounter Mordeth. The run off and get creepy vibe as they make way back to the others.

Scene 11: They tell their story about Mordeth, Moiraine tells them about Shadar Logoth and Mashadar.

Scene 12: Lan returns, tells them there are Trollocs within the walls. they head out to leave and get split up by Mashadar.

Scene 13: Rand finds Mat, Thom arrives telling them to ride with Trollocs in hot pursuit!

Scene 14: Perrin find Egwene, they ride off a cliff into the water......

End: Rand, Mat and Thom find Doman's boat and jump on screaming Trollocs, Rand has lucky escape as Boom takes out Trolloc, ends with Rand looking back at the shoreline as the boat heads down river.

Notes: Action packed episode, One Power being used in Battle, Mat taking the Dagger, Mashadar, another clue about Rand and the group being split up. A good place to have a mid-season break if the show isn't on Amazon or Netflix.

A good place for Narg to take a breather as well. You may have noticed Narg has cut out the prologue. Narg did this as apart from it being tainted by Winter Dragon being aired, Narg also thinks that it's not necessary as the first few chapters give us some background info on the breaking and it will save money that can be used on the OP usage in episode 5.

Thoughts? Queries? Criticisms? Better ideas? Don't be shy! Comment here or where ever this is linked from!

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