Has the Good Ship Amazon Sprung a Leak?

It's a new year, so Narg has some new speculation!

The following was posted in the comments section of Narg's  Wheel of Time Speculation roundup post:
I have a friend who works for Amazon, and he tells me they were heavily involved in negotiations for the rights to Wheel of Time. Jeff Bezos loved the books and felt that wot would be great for their platform.
Now if we take that comment at face value and not someone just trying to fool Narg, this be pretty good news. Amazon is expected to spend an estimated three billion dollars this year on original content. That means plenty of money to allocate to 'The Wheel of Time' and if Jeff Bezos did love the books, that means the dude at the top won't be happy with a half arsed el cheapo version. Let us also not forget Amazon knows exactly how well WoT sells and what demographics it works for as they have two decades of sales data.

Does Amazon Studio's make decent shows? Narg has no idea as he has not seen any of their original content. Throwing lots of money at something doesn't mean the show will be good, that will depend on how much they do or don't butcher Jordan's work, but it should at least look good. Around 100 million a season should give them production values to match Game of Thrones, Outlander and Westworld. With HBO* and Starz** ruled out, only Netflix or Amazon have that kind of money.

Keep in mind the person who posted that comment could have been talking out his arse, but if it's true, we may get some official news soon.

Update Jan 5th: Adam over at the Wertzone blog is better at google than Narg and noticed that the person(Rod) also commented on another website. He phrased that comment slightly different:
I think WoT could be made as a TV series. The books are great, but they do get a little scattered as the series of books progressed. With the right studio and screenwriters to pare down the story, it could match GoT. I have a friend who works for Amazon, and he tells me the buzz at the office is that Jeff Bezos loved the books and rumor has it he bought the rights. Apperantly, Amazon want a blockbuster series to bring viewers to their platform.
This makes it less likely Rod was just trying to fool Narg, but he also went from "were heavily involved" to "rumor has it". You should check out the Wertzone's post on this rumor as it is a bit more in depth than Nargs. Adam's still holding a torch for Sony/AMC but has moved up amazon to be the front runner.

*Source with salt(in the comments)
**Narg's reasoning

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