Current Wheel of Time English Editions

Narg thought he'd showcase the current English editions of the Wheel of Time that are easily available for purchase. Spine and cover view.

Tor Hardcovers with the original art are all still available via Amazon brand new for those that are nostalgic. You can also still get the Mass Market Paperback with these covers but if you intend to reread, Narg would avoid them as they will most likely only last for two reads.

The current Orbit paperbacks(notice the spines line up to form the snake symbol). Available in bookstores in the UK, AUS, NZ and online. Best place for American's to get these is at the

Tor's Large paperback edition which features the eBook artwork. Good if you like skinny books.

Last but not least, for those that want the ultimate WoT book collection. The leather bound limited editions. Hard to find all of them but individual books pop up on ebay quite frequently. Won't be a complete set though as the first three were never released in this format. Also as you can see the spines vary.

To view some of the foreign translation covers check out this page. The Japanese covers are the most interesting.

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