Did The 'King Killer Chronicles' Kill or Maim 'The Wheel of Time' TV Show?

Now this is just a theory from a Trolloc, a smart Trolloc, but a Trolloc none the less, so make of it what you will, just don't take it as anything other than speculation.

So if you haven't heard  the movie and TV rights to Patrick Rothfuss' King Killer Chronicles got snapped up by Lionsgate last year. They are making Movies based on the books, a spin off TV series set in the same Universe and just to round things out, a game as well. They have already named the Producer, Creative Producer and the writer so it looks likes it's full steam ahead for that franchise.

What does that have to do with The Wheel of Time?

Well if you have read Narg's previous speculation about the show, you'll know that he tipped a Sony Starz alliance for who bought the rights. Now that sounded all good to Narg back in May but in June, just a month later Lionsgate bought Starz.

After Lionsgate bought Starz they may have either decided to shelve the WoT deal or back out of the deal all together (leaving Sony with no partner) if they felt having two Epic Fantasy shows at the same time was a bad idea. Either way it would certainly explain the deathly silence from the acquiring studio and frustration from team Jordan. Narg hopes that if his theory is correct, that Starz/Lionsgate just backed out of the deal and Sony is just trying to find someone else to produce the show for.

But Narg, maybe there just isn't anything to announce yet, why so pessimistic?

The main reason why Narg is pessimistic is the "soon" in Harriet's announcement. That announcement was approved by whichever studio bought the rights. If they had no intention of announcing themselves as the rights holder in a timely manner, why would they approve the wording? There is no logical reason that Narg can think of to keep who holds the rights secret. It's more logical INO(In Narg's Opinion) that they had every intention of following up on Harriet's announcement, but something went awry with there plans.

Now even if what Narg just wrote is a pile of steaming Trolloc poop, we can at least eliminate Starz as the network that any possible WoT show would air on. If we put HBO down as extremely unlikely and Netflix to busy with Marvel and other Urban fantasy shows, then we are left with AMC, CW, Disney, FOX and Amazon.

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