Casting the Wheel of Time: Bela

Bela! Which ever Horse gets the nod to play Bela, they have big shoes to fill. Bela is the most loved Wheel of Time character and her casting could make or break the TV show. They need to get this right!

So who's a possibility? Here are a few famous Horse actors to choose from...bare in mind Bela is described as a brown shaggy Mare:

Black Beauty 

Now makeup can do a lot these days and camera angles could possibly do away with the height issue but I see Black Beauty more likely to succeed in the role of Lan's Horse Mandarb. 

Silver (Lone Ranger)

Silver is described as possessing a beguiling combination of mystery, humor, majesty, eccentricity and heroism. Now while that fits Bela to a tee, Putting on all that brown makeup would be a pain in the ass.....Aldieb might be a better role.

Joey (War Horse Movie)

If you have seen the War Horse movie then you'll know that Joey is more than capable of playing the role of Bela(sex aside). During the coarse of the movie he plays the role of a Farm Horse pulling a plough, A Calvary Horse in which he leads a charge against German machine guns and survives and a  Cart Horse pulling both Ambulances and German Artillery. If his sex and height rule him out he definitely should be considered for the role of Pips or Stepper. 

New Talent No Name

There is of course the option for going with a no name actor for the role, in which case one of the following might work.


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