Casting The Wheel of Time: Moiraine

My first attempt at casting(Hugh Laurie as Thom) seemed to go over well with the Reddit and Facebook crowd(no one called me insane or a loser), so here be Moiraine Damodred.

Moiraine, like Thom needs to be an established actor and have a strong onscreen presence. Now as I've cast a big name in the Thom role, Moiraine needn't be a big name. Like Thom, I think the voice of who ever is cast is one of the most important things. Why? The Story of Manetheren. When the actress playing that story tells it, the audience like the Two Rivers crowd needs to be captivated by it so they can picture in there head like we did when we read it. I'd rather not have the show use images to convey that story, I want to feel what I did when I read it. Moiraine's voice needs to grab your attention and make you listen.

When she arrives in Emond's Field she is described as having dark hair, hanging in ringlets. She looks the same age as Nynaeve, but with large, dark eyes that belong to a much older woman. This is the first mention of the ageless look. She is relatively short, standing at 5'2", and has a melodious voice.
The ageless look if they try to do it, is IMO done cheaply and effectively by just making older actresses look longer via makeup. Nynaeve is in her mid twenties so the actress playing Moiraine, could easily be 10-15 years older. The height thing can be done with camera angles but it's easier just to cast a short actress. Melodious voice...makes me think of how Disney princesses i'm going to stick with a voice that makes you pay attention and listen.

So who did I pick??

Karen Hassan

Hassan was in the British soapie 'Hollyoaks', appeared in "The Fall" and more recently enjoyed a good whipping in 'Vikings'. She stands at 5ft 4", will be pushing 40 by the time the show airs, has dark hair, dark eyes and a Northern Ireland accent....This is where i'll probably lose most of you...

The Northern Ireland accent isn't going to win over everyone...but if she just tones it down a tad, I think her voice is one that will make you pay attention and it also gives the Cairhien there accent. 

The Cairhien speak in a precise, clipped accent, enunciating every word. Their speech is
characterized by a distinctive musical accent.
Does it fit? Not sure but i'm going to run with it!

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