What to Name The Wheel of Time TV Series?

The obvious choice is between 'The Wheel of Time' or to drop the "The" and go with 'Wheel of Time'. My personal preference is 'Wheel of Time' as I like using the WoT acronym more than tWoT as when read allowed tWoT reads as twat.

While it may be fun to going around calling fans of the show 'twat heads' and it does describe accurately a fair few of the characters in the books, i'm thinking it's not a good thing past the amusement value. If you have no idea what i'm talking about clicky here.

They could also go down the 'Game of Thrones' route and use one of the individual book names to better describe the series as 'The Wheel of Time' is about as vague(to non fans) as 'A Song of Ice and Fire' and not much less of a mouthful. Of the 14 books the only one I could possibly see them using would be 'The Dragon Reborn'.

It's short, evocative and to the point, just as 'Game of Thrones' is. The only downside is loss of a little brand awareness among book fans, but I didn't see that being an issue with aSoIaF so probably not a biggie.

The only other option is to go with something new....which would be ludicrous IMO. Don't even mention 'Winter Dragon'(Warning once watched it can't be unwatched).

Time to vote!(poll is to your left)

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