Possible Wheel of Time Trailers

As we await the official press release from the major studio, I thought some Wheel of Time trailers might be in order. After scouring YouTube, I've come up with three that are worthy....

The first one is from the 1999 Wheel of Time Game made by Legend Entertainment. At the time it was a cutting edge game with great graphics and good and unique game play. Alas it never got the attention it deserved. This trailer is actually the cut scene from the intro to the game and despite the now dated graphics it gives a great intro to the world and is an example of what a new trailer or teaser could be.

Next up is a more recent one made using cut scenes from other movies. There not a perfect fit and it relies to heavily on Lord of the Rings but it works for me. Not sure the music was the right choice though.

Finally we have the most "artistic" of the bunch. It was made for a school project. Takes a bit to get into and you may need to be either drunk or high to truly appreciate it, but I'm going to give these two guys an A for originality ;)

Hopefully we don't have to wait yonks for a real one to come out, but until then I'm sure there'll be more fan made ones added to YouTube the closer we get to any air date.

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