Hopefully Tor is Wrong

Tor.com posted a story about Harriet's announcement the other day titled TV Rights to The Wheel of Time Optioned by New Studio, With Jordan Estate’s Approval. They also had the following to say:
it should be noted that this announcement does not mean that a TV series is ready to be put into production, merely that a new studio has acquired the rights to do so
Harriet said:
The Wheel of Time will become a cutting edge TV series!
Now let us hope that Harriet knows more than Tor.com as from her press release she seems to think that a production has been "Greenlit". Perhaps not ready to be put into production, but one that is on it's way and not just "Optioned" as Tor have said.

If Harriet misspoke then it could be years before any TV show is announced if ever, and then years more before we actually see anything on our screens. 'Game of Thrones' was optioned by HBO in 2007 and wasn't greenlit until 2009. The first season was filmed in 2010 and didn't air until 2011. So we'd most likely be looking at a similar time period if not longer.

It's also entirely possible that I'm placing to much importance on the word "will" and no official announcement from the acquiring studio is driving me crazy....

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