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The Daily Trolloc (80)

Weekly Issue 80. (Art by Brian Leblanc)
Wheel of Time TV News
If you blinked you may have missed the latest Wheel of Time Wednesday tweet from Rafe, as one moment it was there, and the next it wasn't!

Rafe posted the following photo:

Within seconds it was confirmed to be a view of Prague Castle...

The obvious conclusion was that Rafe was confirming that Prague would indeed be a shooting location for the show. Unfortunately he deleted the tweet soon after...either someone posted something inappropriate in the comments, he had a change of mind, or he decided to "psyche" us...whatever the case...😞(the deletion, not the location)

In related news, Trolloc algorithms did suggest to Narg that Rafe has been friendly with the head of Sony Pictures Television's casting department, so perhaps there is some movement on that front. Trusting Trolloc algorithms isn't recommended though.

Sarah on twitter had this to say:

General Wheel of Time News

Over on r/wot, Narg thought the f…

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