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The Daily Trolloc Shutdown Recap

As you are no doubt aware filming on the first season of The Wheel of Time has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. At the time of the shut down they had nearly finished filming for episodes 5 and 6 and were getting ready to film what is believed to be the final two episodes of an 8 episode first season. When they will resume filming is anyone's guess, so lets take a look back at all that is known.

Quick note before we get started: All the photos featured in this edition are from cast or crew members and were shared on social media on a public setting or from news media. Casting is from official announcements, casting agencies, and actors putting WoT in their CV's(since removed in most cases).

First up...
The Cast!
Tam and Rand al'Thor
Michael McElhatton and Josha Josha Stradowski
Bela Bela has been played by two horses so far. This is Archie
Natti, Bode & Eldrin , Mat and Able Cauthon
Juliet HowlandLitiana and Lilibet BiutanasevaBarney HarrisCh…

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