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The Daily Trolloc (98)

Weekly Issue 98. (Art by Eric Hamrin)
Wheel of Time TV News
Another slow news week. The only titbit was that the shopkeepers in Prague reported a shortage of Dr Pepper after a small American lady raided their shelves. Narg found this suspicious and investigated... sure enough Sarah Nakumura, Wheel of Time TV show consultant extraordinaire, made a trip to Prague.

Related News Nothing official out of this SDCC this year on The Wheel of Time, but it was revealed that Amazon had greenlit season two of The Boys, and put it into production before season one has even aired.

Hopefully the same will happen with The Wheel of Time. This renewal is a good sign that Amazon, if they like what they see, are willing to commit to second seasons for their new tranche of big budget shows before the viewing data comes in.
Amazon also released a trailer for Carnival Row. It will be worth checking out the show as it was shot in Prague, and a few of the people who worked on it, will also be working on WoT. 

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