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The Daily Trolloc (81)

Weekly Issue 81. (Art by SLKestrel)
Wheel of Time TV News
Rafe decided to play "Where in the world is the Wheel of Time writers' room" for WoTWednesday...

The most popular guesses were India and Bali
Narg trolled through the trash to try and confirm the location...
Nilai Gizi(Nutritional Value in Indonesian)
(Totally not stalker-ish...)Thankfully Rafe posted the answer before Narg could embarrass himself...👀

So Prague the previous WoTWednedsay before jet-setting off to Bali via a layover in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong one of the writers snapped a photo that showed all the writers(AKS behind the camera). 
Day one of WoT Writers Retreat
This is the closet we have got to a group photo of the writers room so far, and it includes Justine Juel Gillmer, who Rafe has yet to formally announce...unless you count the smudged fuzzy name on the hidden script from the Episode 4 reveal.
The Prague photos and references are probably the closest we'll get to Rafe actually confirmin…

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