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The Daily Trolloc (101)

Weekly Issue 101. 
Wheel of Time TV News
The big news last week, was... there was none! The first Wednesday of the month had almost passed before Amazon decided to let fans know that there'd be no #WoTWednesday news/titbit/surprise as scheduled.

As you'd expect, this effort got mixed reviews from fans...
On the plus side, the wait for next months WoTWednesday will be shorter and hopefully this weeks announcement will make everyone forget about last weeks effort.
Some took the above quote as Amazon just making an excuse for not delivering, others took it as a clue as to what the announcement this week will be. The quote is from Moiraine when she first meets Rand and Mat. Lan is also present in the scene, and people have been suggesting that we might get casting for one or all of them. Time will tell.
#NargCasting! Disclaimer: These picks by Narg are just actors that follow KVH Casting on social media, or have been previously cast by them and who Narg could see working in the role.…

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