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The Daily Trolloc (97)

Weekly Issue 97. (Not brought to to you by UberEats)
Wheel of Time TV News
The only TV related news this week was the uncovering ofDavid Moxness as the first Cinematographer for the show.

In related news, wrote an article on "Why They'll Be Watching Amazon’s “Wheel of Time” Series":
The hope in this instance is that the director of this series will be able to stick largely to the source material and thereby keep the integrity of the story. If there’s one thing that angers fans and insures that they’ll stop watching eventually it’s messing with the story in a profound way.  Fingers crossed...

Amazon Is Making a ‘Lord of the Rings’ MMORPG, most likely to tie in with the release of the new TV series. Would be nice to get a new Wheel of Time game..."The Trolloc Wars: Total War"

Disclaimer: These picks by Narg are just actors that follow KVH Casting on social media, or have been previously cast by them and who Narg could see working in the ro…

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