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The Daily Trolloc (102)

Weekly Issue 102. 
Wheel of Time TV News
A bit of news this week, the casting for the Two Rivers Crew™(Narg want his royalties!) was announced by the WoTonPrime Twitter account. In case you were on holiday without internet access, here they be:

Rand al'Thor - Josha Stradowski
art by Aimee Rixson
Bio from his talent agency:  Josha started his acting career in 2006 and played in the musicals 'Kuifje: De Zonnetempel', 'Ciske de Rat' and 'The Sound of Music'. He followed acting courses at Lucia Marthas and Codarts. He played the role of 'Freddie' in 'Naranjina en de Kadekapers', 'Pascal' in the television series 'Spangas' and appeared in 'Dokter Tinus' and 'Verborgen Verhalen'. Josha has graduated in 2018 at the Theatre School in Amsterdam. He played in 'Gender' and 'Bromance' by Toneelgroep Oostpool and director Timothy de Gilde in and in 'Oedipus' by Toneelgroep Amsterdam and director Robert …

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