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The Daily Trolloc (71)

Weekly Issue 71.
Wheel of Time News
It's been a few weeks since the last Daily Trolloc, so this is a catch up edition.

The Wheel of Time Writers' Room Hearth contest winner and runners up were announced.

Third Place went to Cathrine from Sweden:

Pen for Scale
Second place, Duncan from California:

First place, Rob from The Two Rivers...

Celine Song, one of the writers posted a photo of her desk.

Do the post-its provide a clue?
It has been suggested that the single post-it in The Great Hunt may indicate the end of season one. Lets take a look at what that would mean.(pure speculation)
If we say the two episode titles we know, roughly correspond with their book chapters, then Leavetaking is around 124 pages(HB edition) long and Shadows Waiting, 108.
Using the lower page count gives us six episodes for The Eye of the World, and if we say say that season one has ten episodes(which is the Amazon standard for their ~1hr Dramas), then the remaining four episodes would take us to page 43…

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