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The Daily Trolloc (75)

Weekly Issue 74.
Wheel of Time TV News
Rafe was a tad late with his weekly update this week...

Excuses excuses...
In related news...
It looks likeThe Dark Tower TV adaptation has not only been greenlit by Amazon, but is further along than The Wheel of Time. The Hash Tag Show has reported that season one of DT will consist of 13, one hour episodes and that Amazon are looking to start filming as early as mid-April in Croatia. The showrunner, Glen Mazzara did "like" a tweet that asked if the news was legit, so it looks like it is.
This is interesting to Narg as it shows how Amazon are taking a totally different approach with DT, when compared with how they have handled WoT. No greenlight announcement and no engagement with fans. Is this due to showrunner preference, or are they just afraid of the fan base due to the backlash against the film? 13 episodes is also noteworthy as it shows Amazon are malleable on their usual 10 episode season length for hour long dramas.
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