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Sarah Nakamura - Wheel of Time TV: Book Consultant

Rafe Judkins, The Wheel of Time Showrunner, has introduced yet another member of his Wheel of Time Team:
Introducing another member of the Wheel of Time team - Sarah Nakamura, our LA-based book expert.  They say 10,000 hours makes you a master, and she’s read the entire series THIRTY TIMES (about 12,600 hours of WoT). I’ve yet to stump her with a question. #WoTWednesday

Having a book expert on hand is ahh handy😎 It's also yet another indication that Rafe is respecting the source material. Of course, it also makes every other fan out their, envious of her😊.
Who the heck is Sarah and what has she done? Read on:
First we need to address the S'redit in the room, as it will no doubt cause worry for many. Winter Dragon! Yes that's right, Sarah is listed as a production consultant on Winter Dragon

Sarah had the following to say about that on Twitter: I was invited down to the WD set on the day before it was being filmed! My contribution was actually after filming where I did a …

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