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The Daily Trolloc (61)

Weekly Issue 61. (Art by kinglamoni22) Wheel of Time News

Sarah Nakamura was announced by Rafe as a book consultant for Wheel of Time Wednesday: 
Introducing another member of the Wheel of Time team - Sarah Nakamura, our LA-based book expert.  They say 10,000 hours makes you a master, and she’s read the entire series THIRTY TIMES (about 12,600 hours of WoT). I’ve yet to stump her with a question. #WoTWednesday There were some interesting discussions that followed this announcement, one of which gave us a slightly clearer look at the timeline with Amazon. It looks like Rafe pitched the show to Amazon around July-September 2017 and that they put it into development either a few weeks after that or around December. The December date lines up with Rafe giving a social media tease, Ted Field's Lawyer indicating some Wheel of Time news may be coming(January) and Rafe and Amanda Kate Shuman apparently working on the show in Guatemala(February), as well as the brief mention by Deadline.

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