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The Daily Trolloc (72)

Weekly Issue 72.
Wheel of Time News

Remember this tweet back in December?

At the time Narg gave it 3/5 skulls on the Narg rumor scale, due to them not providing any other details or the source. Fast forward a few weeks and Narg just found a sample of the December 20 issue of ProductionWeekly, and in it is this:
Pertinent part is Status: September 2019 and Location: Prague
This edition is dated the day after the tweet. One would hope that an industry site that people pay for, would not make updates based on unsourced tweets, so Narg will work on the assumption that the information is correct, came direct from Radar/Sony/Amazon, and that the discrepancy in the months, August v September, is an error on Discussing Films behalf.

So lets take another look at Prague and the Czech Republic...

There are two big Studios in Prague that would be likely candidates.

Prague Studios: Has 6 sound stages, and has hosted productions such as, Britannia(an Amazon co-production), the Netflix series Haunted

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